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iSight Missions is a nonprofit charity that provides impoverished persons access to quality eye care, vision-restoring surgery and trains eye care providers worldwide. These interventions are solutions to reverse  poverty, restore hope, dignity and the gift of sight


Unoperated cataracts are a leading cause of blindness and can be cured by a 30-minute surgery.

A Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye which initially causes blurred vision and if left untreated, progresses to blindness . Although most cases of cataract are related to the aging process, occasionally children are born with this condition (WATCH VIDEO).  Cataracts may also develop after eye injuries, inflammation, and other eye diseases.

The treatment of a cataract is surgical and very successful in restoring sight. The opaque lens is removed and replaced by an artificial intraocular lens. Although cataracts can be surgically removed, in many remote parts of the developing world, barriers exist that prevent access to this surgery


80% Of All Visual Impairment Can Be Prevented Or Cured

The World Health Organization estimates: Over 7 million people become blind every year. One person becomes blind every 5 seconds. One child becomes blind every minute.

285 Million People

are visually impaired worldwide

246 million have low vision

39 million are BLIND

19 Million Children

are visually impaired

90% of Visually Impaired Persons Live In Developing Countries
Unoperated Cataracts Cause:
33% of Visual Impairment and
50% of Blindness Worldwide

Blindness is usually an insurmountable burden on the individual as well as their family and community with no or few resources to care for their needs, so many people suffering from impaired vision go hungry. 

Unable to care for themselves, they usually require a family member, often a child, to care for them all day instead of attending school which deprives the child's advancement and prolongs their family cycle of poverty.

​​After corrective eye surgery, persons with low vision and blind persons are able to resume their independent lives, relieving their families of their previous need for care. These families become more productive which has an economic multiplier effect to the benefit of their entire ​community. 

Just look at how happy these ladies are that they can see again!

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iSight Missions is a nonprofit public charity under section 510c3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. We provide quality eye care and perform vision-restoring surgeries to impoverished persons around the world. We also train other ophthalmologists and eye care specialists to administer these services. These interventions help to reverse poverty, and restore daily function, hope, and dignity, to those in great need, through the gift of sight.

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